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A smooth, light cream that is designed to deeply cleanse the face and neck but works fine on the body too!
The base recipe contains Organic Oils of Coconut, Safflower, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose hip which are known to offer long-lasting holistic health benefits including skin cell repair, wrinkle reduction, easing of inflammations & irritations, deep hydration and the removal of toxins.
The Essential Oil fusion has been proved to deeply cleans toxins from the skin. Jasmine is known to gently tone and encourage skin elasticity while regulating oils to prevent bacteria build-up. Galbanum is thought to encourage skin cell rejuvenation and ease wrinkles, leaving skin looking young. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help heal sores, blemishes, and acne as well as itchiness and rashes. Other oils such as Peppermint are known to purify and soothe irritations while refreshing the skin. 
The 'Harmonising Blend' of essential oils has been created to induce feelings of balance and focus. Alongside this it is known to relieve stress, ease depression and nervous tension while also clearing the mind. Jasmine is known to be a natural Valium, stabilising the emotions and relaxing the mind. 
This cream contains healing properties for most skin problems. It is also specifically designed to relax and soothe stress and feelings of tension which is ideal for use at night for a peaceful sleep!
Aroma: Citrus zest with a lingering hint of earthy flora.

Lemon, Jasmine & Galbanum Facial Cleanser (Harmonising Blend)

SKU: 0009
  • The base recipe contains Organic Oils of Coconut, Safflower, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose hip. Please refer to the Ingredients Page to read more information about all these wonderful oils.


    Essential Oils Skin Benefits Mood Food

    deeply cleanses



    clears the mind

    aids mental stimulation

    helps focus & uplifts


    moisturises dry skin

    aids elasticity

    tones the skin


    regulates oils to help

    prevent bacteria

    regulates the emotions 

    (natural valium!)




    eases sores & blemishes

    relieves acne and scars

    rejuvenates skin cells

    tones the skin


    grounds emotions

    anti-stress/ anxiety

    relieves shock/ trauma



    controls acne, cleanses,

    regulates oils, refreshes, 

    calms & cools irritations


    energises the mind,


    encourages focus

    relieves headaches


    hydrates & heals skin,

    helps circulation,

    anti-septic, soothes cuts 

    and blemishes



    good for insomnia,



    eases anxiety

    Tea Tree

    cleans, purifies

    ease sores and itching

    heals blemishes & rashes

    tackles dark spots

    refreshes the mind

    clears toxins from the 

    skin to heal acne & sores

    aids focus & emotional


    relaxing, anti-stress

    eases depression



    clears bacteria

    stabilises the emotions

    anti-stress & fear


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