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The Eveksia Travel Kit

Perfect for a long holiday or weekend away. It can be taken through customs in your hand luggage as the containers are within the size restrictions.

Here's what's included:
60ml Jar of Chamomile & Lavender Soothing After-sun Body & Face Cream (120ml also available, but please note this is too large to carry in hand luggage)

30ml Facial Cleanser of choice
30ml Face & Body Moisturiser of choice

Pack of 5 100% re-usable organic hemp cotton Cleansing pads

All nicely fitted inside a recycled natural cotton drawstring bag.

Please visit these pages to find out more about the products included:

Chamomile & Lavender After-Sun Cream:…/chamomile-lav…

Facial Cleansers:
Face & Body Moisturisers:…

Price: £26.95 + P+P

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The Eveksia Gift Set 

As beautiful gifts for everyone, Eveksia takes

care of the mind, body & well-being of your loved ones

Giving this gift of Nature, you will be able to offer someone special the chance to try out a wide selection of Eveksia products. Allow them to delve into this aromatic heaven with Cleansers and Moisturisers for a multitude of skin issues as well as empowering themselves to take control of mood & emotion with my 4 Mood-Food Blends-

Uplifting, Harmonising, Calming & Serenity.

What's included:
  • 2 x 120ml jars of your choice
  • 3 x 15ml sample jars of your choice
  • 1 hand made greetings card with a message of your choice printed or handwritten by me
  • 1 hand designed inspirational wallet card

The price of this gift set is

£39.95 + P&P

Here are some quotes you could choose for the wallet card- or send me your own! 

  1. "Take care of your body-it's the only place you have to live" ~ Jim Rohn

  2. "Our bodies are our gardens- our wills are our gardeners." ~William Shakespeare

  3. "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." ~ Ralph Marston

  4. "Your true nature is purity, peace & joy." ~ Sai Baba

  5. "Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever stays, let it stay. Whatever goes, let it go." ~Papaji

Here are the greetings card image choices available. Click on each one to see it full size. Please write the name of the image in the contact form below.

 I will get back to you via your email address to confirm all your details

Thank you!

Eveksia Collections

Match up your Cleansing routine with your Moisturising routine!

The benefits of this are many; mainly the skin issue properties in the blends will do double the work and you will match the aromatherapy properties of Mood-Food from the same blend and gain maximum benefits! 

Use the code above each collection to get 20% discount when you buy both creams. Simply type it into the PROMO CODE box at checkout!  

Lemon Cleansers for dry & oily skin

Promo Code: LEM2

Cedarwood & Bergmot for Deep Detox

Promo Code: CEDBERG2

Lemongrass & Peppermint 

for Tired Skin

Promo Code: LEMPEP2

Jasmine & Galbanum 

for Problem Skin

Promo Code: JASGAL2

Vetiver & Ylang Ylang for Acne & Eczema

Promo Code: VETYLAN2

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