~Face & Body Moisturisers~

Hydrating, rejuvenating and nourishing~ the essence of my Face & Body Moisturisers is the special fusion of Organic Carrier Oils with high grade Essential Oils. 

The base recipes contain Organic Oils of Coconut, Safflower, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose hip which offer long-lasting holistic health benefits including skin cell repair, wrinkle reduction, easing of inflammations & irritations, deep hydration and the removal of toxins.

Read more about the properties of all the ingredients contained in my Eveksia products and how they enhance our skin and mood.

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15ml Sample Jars are now available. It's just enough to allow you to experience the enticing aromas, mood enhancers & skin benefits that my Eveksia range can offer.

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I offer Moisturisers for a variety of skin issues & needs: 


Acne & Eczema

Deep Detox

Irritated/itchy Skin

Tired Skin

The 'Mood Food' synergies are as follows:

Uplifting blend~ an energising, joy inducer

Serenity blend~a stress & anxiety reliever 

Harmonising blend~ a balancing & focus inducer 

About Me~

Eveksia products are lovingly hand made in small quantities to ensure the highest quality. There are no synthetics, chemicals or preservatives inside and none of the ingredients are tested on animals. I am 100% Vegan friendly & only use recycled or recyclable packaging.


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