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A smooth, light cream that is designed to hydrate, refresh and soothe the face and body.
The base recipe contains Organic Oils of Coconut, Safflower, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose hip which are known to offer long-lasting holistic health benefits including skin cell repair, wrinkle reduction, easing of inflammations & irritations, deep hydration and the removal of toxins.
The Essential Oil fusion is thought to deeply hydrate dry skin with oils of Cedarwood and Lavender, while deeply cleansing toxins from the skin. The purifying and soothing properties of Lemongrass are known to be perfect tonics for tired skin and they also are thought to aid circulation, brighten the skin and encourage an energetic glow. Peppermint is known to cleanse and refresh while calming and cooling any irritations. The hint of Lavender is added to soothe and heal the skin as well as provide prevention against infection and other toxins that can make the skin feel weighed down and tired.
The 'Uplifting Blend' is created to encourage mental stimulation and a clear head. It contains essential oils that are known to ease depression, stress, nervous tension and unstable emotions. It encourages alertness of mind and body while inducing a state of relaxation. For this reason, this Cleanser is ideal for your daily morning pep-up AND your evening routine thanks to the Lemongrass and Lavender oils which aid a peaceful sleep.
Aroma: Citrus with a Minty zing.

Lemongrass & Peppermint Face and Body Moisturiser (Uplifting Blend)

SKU: 00010
  • The base recipe contains Organic Oils of Coconut, Safflower, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose hip. Please refer to the Ingredients Page to read more information about all these wonderful oils.


    Essential Oils Skin Benefits Mood Food

    creates skin glow

    by aiding circulation,

    cleanses, tones

    brightens the skin

    eases emotional grief

    aids sleep

    eases nervous tension

    and exhaustion


    cleanses, refreshes

    controls acne

    calms & cools sores

    and irritations

    energises the mind

    aids mental focus

    eases stress

    relieves headaches



    eases wrinkles

    heals acne sores &


    rejenerates the skin





    aids emotional grounding

    eases depression & shock


    moisturises the skin

    repairs scar tissue


    stops bacteria 

    speeds healing

    stimulates circulation

    relaxing, sedative, calming

    anti-depressant/ anxiety



    tones the skin

    encourages elasticity

    repairs scar tissue

    prevents skin damage

    anti-wrinkle & ageing

    relieves stress & tension
    Ylang Ylang

    tones the skin

    controls acne and


    eases stress, panic & 



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